Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stay Fit Christmas Wish List

This is my Christmas list this year....It is very similar in theme to my birthday list(which was just two months ago). Actually all of my gift "lists" have been similar for the past few years, ever since fitness became my way of life. I truly feel that when I express an interest in these items and then receive them as gifts I stay more motivated to stick with my training. With that being said this is my "stay fit xmas list" that only has items dealing with fitness (minus the Kardashian book)...I think its a great idea to include items that support your fitness habits whatever they be (mat for yoga, shoes for runners,etc). Also if you have a family member that just started a new activity or just joined a gym, buying them a gift that they could use for whatever activity is a great way to show support!!!Here's my list:
Tennis shoes-hot pink and black new balance (they are the newest style)
2. Victoria Secret CAPRI LEGGINGS pants from the PINK line...and design...size small
3.Jackie Warner workout DVD-target
4. Insanity Workout DVD set (its like P90x but crazier)....I was thinking off of ebay??
5.sliders...its small workout flat discs that slide on the floor for workouts -----bed, bath, and beyond

6. Kris Jenner All things Kardashian book
7. large stability ball for workout

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