Saturday, December 31, 2011

Small Tweaks For 2012

I really am uncertain about my feelings of "resolutions" even as I write this entry about resolutions.I feel like we are constantly changing so therefore we must be prepared at any time depending on what life throws our way to revisit our goals and game plans to fit the needs of our current situation. It is literally the final hour of the year, and what a year it has been! I will say the past years have felt like a plateau on some levels in my life, almost as if I was at a standstill. Then this time last year I got the ball rolling and started heading in a direction that finally felt right. The first goal that I faced in 2011 was purchasing and preparing for my National certification in personal training. I spent most of 2011 reading, studying, preparing, stressing, and finally testing AND passing the exam. That was huge. The year as a whole had a lot of lows, times of struggle, setbacks, and was definitely one of my more challenging years but then ended on such an amazing note yesterday when I met my dad, which has been something I have wanted to achieve for many New Year's. So check! Now as I sit here and reflect on the past year and anticipate the coming year, I feel empowered to take this year by storm! Make lots of changes or tweaks to really make the most of my life. Here are a few of the things that I would like to work on when it comes to me this year:
1. Most people want to go to the gym...Not an issue..No I want to make an effort to get out of my gym clothes once I leave the gym. I have a bad habit that I have developed over the past few years for a few reasons of staying in sweats, hoodies, tanks, and flipflops all day. Not this year! I work too hard to have the body I do have, so I vow to put an effort into my appearance and wear more flattering clothes and do something with my hair!
2. Do CARDIO!!!!!I am a gym rat but I hate cardio!!!I will find all sorts of other ways to justify my "cardio" for the day. I am going to strive for 20 min 2-3days per week.
3. Get more sleep. I don't get enough of this!!!
4. Try more dishes in the kitchen. I have recently started preparing more meals at home. It is cheaper and healthier, I want to continue exploring more recipes and meal options.
5. Read more goal is a book every month. It is important to stay mentally sharp/fit.
6. Be more spontaneous. I can be so rigid in my life and set expectations for so many things that I have found myself feeling empty at times after the moment has passed. So I would like to allow more room for options and changes to be made when needed.

These are a few simple tweaks I would like to see in myself in the coming year to help me have a great year. I also put together a virtual vision board of words, thoughts, pictures that will be constant reminders through the year of the direction my life is now heading. I can't wait to see how these small changes will have big improvements in my attitude, health, and life!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  1. I totally get staying in gym clothes all day... that is totally me... yet I know when I change I really feel good about myself...

  2. for cardio, you could try running. it is so fun and easy once you get started! you continually get to set new goals... and then feel proud when you meet them. and you can sign up for races with friends, so there are people to keep you honest and get excited with.