Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles That Are Keeping You From Reaching Fitness Goals

Going from having several trainers to now being a trainer, I have to say that I have heard every EXCUSE as to why people can't workout. I have even been guilty of giving excuses in the past before I realized the true importance of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a certain level of fitness. Everything from the typical lack of time, lack of money, schedule conflicts, to uncertainty about the commitment or dedication it takes to reach your goals. Here is the deal. You can always find an excuse. Time? Well did you have time to watch last nights 2 hour episode of the Bachelor?? Then you DEFINITELY have time. Think about it. If you can carve out time in your day to catch your weekly episode of whatever show, then you have time to be active. Money? This is pretty standard. I understand that money is beyond tight and surviving is a struggle for most of us daily, living paycheck to paycheck. But, it is all about organizing your finances. For example, if you are a coffee addict and go to Starbucks daily, spending an average of $5/trip, that is $35/week, $140/month. That money could go towards a gym membership or working with a trainer. This is just an example. We all have our vices, luxuries, extras that we spend money on here and there without really realizing where our money goes. Why not put a little money aside and invest in your health?? Commitment and dedication is a big one. You have to be ready for change before you even get started. A trainer is an amazing tool to keep you focused, on track, hold you accountable, and provide direction in reaching your goals, but you must be ready to commit!

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