Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trial and Error for Training and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Here's the deal. One way of doing things does not work the same for all people. This is true when it comes to training. For instance just because a certain reps/sets/training days of a certain exercise which focuses on a particular body part has been the method for some or even most people to achieve certain goals, does not mean it will work for you. I have literally spent over a decade doing the trial and error with training. Taking tips from friends, trainers, fitness fanatics, celebrities, you name it and I have tried it, all to have it come down to realizing I need to stop doing what everyone else has done and find out what works for me and my body. And even with that being said I still find myself having to change every component of my workouts to keep seeing changes in my body.
The same can be said for your eating habits. Just because someone swears by a certain way of eating (ex. vegan, vegetarian, or certain diets Atkins, Paleo, etc) does not mean that your body will respond or accept it. You must listen to your body and fuel it accordingly depending on your lifestyle. Beyond that as long as you are making healthy choices, and you know and live by the motto "fresh is best" most days of the week,along with being active you will see changes and results!

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