Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lift, lift, LIFT!!!!

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but in all honesty I can not say it enough nor stress the importance of lifting weights. All too often women associate weights with men. Like only guys should lift, or if you lift over 5lbs you will turn into this muscle bound person that is depicted in comic books. I realize that I have talked about this before, but after seeing a picture on a certain social network (which I will include in this entry), I felt the need to discuss it again! So beyond the health benefits of lifting (as if thats not reason enough), maybe this will appeal to women. Muscle will appear more compact in appearance versus fat. Meaning even though an individual may weigh more as far as the scale is concerned when it comes to muscle, they will visually appear more compact, tighter because of the structure of muscle versus fat. This could mean smaller dress sizes ladies!! So if the health benefits are not inspiring you to grab some dumbbells, just think about the possibility of shopping for smaller sizes!!! Happy lifting!

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