Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Phase Two Of Competition Prep

Sooo I recently just met with my coach to re-evaluate my diet, my workouts, and to critique my body. Mind you this all happened three days after Thanksgiving. Not fair! However, she did feel despite the holiday I am on track for a spring show!!! Good news. Then we discussed all of my workouts and diet. I am beyond bored with all of it. So a change in the diet dido happen, my cardio was bumped up, and all of my workouts were redesigned. I must say that before the changes I progressed with all of my lifting, actually enjoy my cardio now, and I was never hungry. Now today was the first day of the new program... Workout went well, I am excited about the new exercises and the new format, the cardio was challenging but doable and the diet was a bit rocky today. I am still never really hungry which is weird for me and is definitely something I need to discuss next time we meet. I will start my serious diet and posing in about a month and all I can say is that I am terrified of the stage but know once I hit January there is no going back!

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