Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taking Things To New Heights...Literally

For my 33rd birthday this year I decided I wanted to try new things, accomplish new goals, and face my fears. I did all those things in one day and decided that that mindset would set the tone for the 33rd chapter of my life. The first activity I did was rock wall climbing. I hate heights, but I wanted the challenge of getting to the top. I also faced this challenge with my mom hoping it would also be a bonding experience. When we first got there my mom took one look at the wall and said, "No way". I of course talked her into it and off we went. It truly was a process and an experience. Three and a half hours later I had been to the top multiple times and my mom had made it almost to the top several times. It was a workout, a challenge and exhausting on several levels. As we gathered our things to leave my mom looked defeated and mentioned she felt that she had failed both of us. I took one look at her and told her she was missing the big picture. Her whole mindset had changed from what she walked in thinking to what actually happened. She went from refusing to do it, to scaling the wall multiple times and becoming comfortable with the free fall. And truth be told had she not spent hours climbing almost to the top, there is not a doubt in my mind that she would have been to the top. I honestly can't wait to do it again, with her. It brought us even closer and was a memory I will never forget. My point in this whole story is take chances, face fears, overcome obstacles, an never lose sight of the BIG PICTURE.

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