Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three Weeks Into OFF Season Training

Well I have officially been following an off season training for about three weeks. The first few days were the WORST!! I had non-stop headaches and was always starving.. Then the headaches subsided and the crabbiness set in. Add to that cardio that I am not used to doing at an intensity I could barely handle and I was on the brink of giving up. I even broke down crying and thought if this is day two, how will I ever make it almost SIX MONTHS?! Then something amazing happened.. My body started adjusting. Headaches gone. Crabbiness minimal. Energy up. And cardio was finally doable. Not enjoyable but I could do it! Now here I am on my new phase...different diet choices and I can't wait to see what progress and changes my body makes. The first two weeks were a strict diet to shock my body. I half joked and said IT SHOCKED MY LIFE!! It truly did both. But when it shocked my body it jump started my metabolism and prepped it for the journey it is about to experience. I am so focused now. Do I have moments of weakness? Yes! And now my biggest complaint is boredom in my diet. But hopefully that will come in waves. I will say I am learning a lot and really excited to see what my body can do!

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