Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feast Without Feeling Guilty

I don't know if that is even possible really for even the biggest fitness fanatic.....But it is a nice concept...Every year, at this time of year people start freaking out about weight gain...All the parties, get togethers, celebrations, festivities over the next few months can definitely freak people out about gaining weight...Add to it all the pressures surrounding the holidays, which are supposed to be happy times that lead you (well at least me) to turning to comfort food...Not to mention the time crunch surrounding the hustle and bustle to accomplish everything which can quickly lead to people crossing "going to the the gym" off their list.....So here's what I think...During this time my strategy is to maintain my healthy eating habits most days of the week so a meal here and a meal there won't affect your weight...Before heading out to parties have a small snack so you don't over eat while you are there....And the funny thing is, sometimes I'm just a social eater.I will literally eat and eat because I am with people and we are talking, and I keep eating...Some people are social drinkers...I am a social eater...Knowing that I try to be mindful of what I am consuming without depriving myself....As far as activity goes, that can be difficult with all the things you are running around doing to prepare for holiday gatherings. A great goal is to still try to maintain 20-30 min/day, MOST days of the week of physical activity, this will also help keep the holiday pounds away. Finally little tricks like parking farther from the stores and malls so you add extra steps to your shopping experience (which will probably happen whether you wanna park far away or not). Take the stairs when possible, on the escalator actually walk up the moving steps instead of enjoying the free ride, or do calf raises while you wait in line to checkout... These are just some tips I have found to work!!!Happy Thanksgiving!!

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