Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How It All Started......

This blog was a LONG time coming...Actually this chapter of my life was a long time coming...I spent all of my teens and most of my twenties drifting...Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, what I wanted to be, what my purpose was...none of that..And maybe that sounds normal..But it didn't to me..It felt like everybody else knew what they wanted to be, knew their major coming out of high school and I WAS LOST. I remember growing up and when I would talk to my friends about what we were gonna "be when we grow-up" it seemed like they could all answer immediately and they never wavered all through high school. Me on the other hand? I would change my answer all the time or choose someone else's answer...My bachelor's degree (in Elementary Ed) was actually a spin off from a job I had at the time at a daycare...I THOUGHT I wanted to work with kids...But throughout the program it never felt "right". And by the time I was student teaching at the end of the program I KNEW it wasn't right, but my ability to see things through kept me in it till the end and I completed the 4 year program....Four years of my life that to some might seem like a waste because I changed my mind and the fact that I was back at square one led me to mostly feel the same....I took some time off, took some classes, and then I discovered the gym...Who knew that, that place would be the beginning of a snowball experience that would lead me to obtaining a master's in Kinesiology, a national certification in personal training, and coming to the realization AKA "ah-ha" moment of what my purpose was...I always knew I wanted to touch lives, make a difference, but I never knew how..Training people and working in the world of fitness will give me the ability to do both...I also knew that since I struggled with eating disorders (which I will talk about later) for several years and body image issues on top of self-esteem issues I knew that I wanted to empower people, specifically women to save them from wasting some of the time I did with my battle by improving their self esteem while improving their health thru fitness.....So on that note, welcome to my world which is consumed with allllll things fitness...It's gonna be a crazy ride!


  1. YAY!!!!!!! Congrats and goodluck with everything.."Aspire to inspire" ~Sdot~

  2. Congrats chica. U did it. I wish u all the success in the world. Body by Brooklyn...... I love it. U should b soooooo proud of yourself. Take the world by storm Ms. Brooklyn ;)