Monday, November 14, 2011

Training Day (Two)

Today actually went really well...We did a completely different workout than we did the first session, but still hit every body part for a full body workout...In addition I took her measurements because for some reason she has no idea what she weighs....She doesn't own a scale which can definitely be a good thing, because too often, especially women get caught up in numbers....We discussed using other methods to determine changes in her body...The way your clothes fit is an excellent indicator of weight loss/gain..I don't weigh myself that often because my body fluctuates depending from week to week, day to day, even time of day. So to keep from getting too consumed by numbers my rule of thumb is: DON'T WEIGH YOURSELF MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK. With that being said I decided to measure certain parts of her body and we will re-measure her in about three weeks to see what changes have taken place. Three weeks is a sufficient amount of time to see some changes when she is active most days of the week and is starting to improve her eating habits.We also discussed eating habits again and how important they are in seeing results...Diet is definitely 80-90 percent of it and the rest being divided between level of activity and genetics. For example, you could spend hours in the gym but if you only eat fast food/drink soda, you will struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Or on the flip side you could be minimally active but make healthy, nutritious choices when it comes to meals and maintain your weight. Ideally, would be the combination of both, because they do go hand in hand...

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