Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Strength Training To Stage

I have mentioned that I have wanted to do a fitness competition for a few years now. It has definitely been a goal on my bucket list, however I always back out or change my mind. Something in me this year has me more serious than ever. So this is the first of many posts I will have that are about my training for this competition, just another facet of fitness and source of inspiration for the reader. I know we all have fitness goals, be it a bodybuilding show, losing those last few stubborn pounds, participating in a 5K/marathon/triathlon, toning up, or just feeling more healthy. Whatever your goal may be, I hope that my journal entries on this blog while I embark on this journey will inspire you to keep striving to accomplish your own goals.
Let me tell you how I have no idea how to really train for a show. I have never even been to one before to see what it looks like. So my first step is to attend one to see a glimpse of what it all entails. However, being that the first available show to attend in STL is not until March, I am spending my time from now until then going youtube crazy trying to see different workouts, competitions, posing, etc, and starting the clean up process of my diet, while modifying my workouts. After March,I will make my ultimate decision to proceed with the competition training and really get down to business. That will give me a very small time frame to get stage ready, the show I would compete in is in August, so approximately 5 months to do it. I work best under pressure....But did I mention I have severe stage fright???Because I do! BUT, like I have said before and I keep telling myself, you have to face your fears, step out of you comfort zone, and take on new challenges.
I definitely have my work cut out for me. In addition to these preliminary changes I have started to make to prep for a possible show, I have also started keeping a journal of my exact workout and food consumption daily, which is something I have never done. It will be a great reference to look back on as time goes to see increases and changes with my workouts, etc. Also, since this is technically week one, I took all my measurements and took pics to also measure my progress. I am a huge fan of measurements over the scale. The scale fluctuates too much and isn't as accurate in predicting fitness levels/muscle growth as measurements can be. So the training begins......

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