Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

I am a big believer in this concept for all areas of your life from major to minor, big to small. Even the most insignificant changes can make a big difference. Be it a different outcome/result, or even something as simple as making you feel good because you know you were able to step outside of your comfort zone/routine, be it for a certain amount of time or even for a moment and try something new. Like I said, I TRY to apply this to all areas of my life, and although I am not always successful in doing so, brave enough to do it, I try my best and when I don't succeed I keep trying. For example, yesterday I tried a new coffee place. Yes, this seems trivial and to some maybe a silly example to prove my point, but anyone who knows me, knows I love coffee drinks and even more so I love Starbucks.....faithfully. However, yesterday I met up with an old friend for a talk and ventured outside of my Starbucks comfort zone. I will admit I was beyond reluctant. I didn't know what to expect, what to order, nothing. It was all unknown to me. But I went...And I loved it. So much that I went back today...And I remember feeling a little proud of myself to venture outside of my routine and try something new last night.
Now to apply this to your workouts. Everyone knows you stick to a training program for a certain amount of time and then you must switch up some variable(s) of the workout or the workout entirely to avoid a plateau. I know that, but what I know more than that,  is what it takes to keep my body in the shape its in, and to maintain it at this level of fitness. Meaning what exercises to do for legs, back, arms, abs, etc, which is different for every individual. However now that I am contemplating competing in a fitness show I must take my fitness to a whole different level. And I have to be honest, this is the first week that my workouts have been geared more towards competition prep, and it has scared me. I have started training parts specifically for what I NEED to train, not what I LIKE to train, chosen very different exercises, different intensities, it is all new. I am beyond out of my comfort zone and at times worried, thinking "well what if I lose certain muscle tone", etc. But I am trying to ignore those thoughts and keep trying new things each day and switching things up in hopes that I will see new RESULTS.
So my thoughts for you, is to try new things...If you love weights, try cardio....If you love cardio, pick up some weights. If you always take pilates and feel you have no rhythm, take zumba...or whatever....If you are hardcore with weights try yoga...You get my point...Just get out there and try new things...Go outside of the norm...what is comfortable..Who knows..You might discover a new interest you never knew you had!

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