Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TRX Training Thoughts

Now a few days removed from my TRX seminar I am now able to have my thoughts gathered a bit better to speak on it. All I can say is it is amazing. I have been intrigued by the TRX concept for quite some time and could not wait to have an opportunity to become qualified in instructing TRX and to learn as much about the TRX training as possible. For those of you that are reading this and are wondering, "What is TRX"? I will tell you. It is suspension training. It is a training method that actually has quite a history and was originally developed in the Navy as a form of exercise and a method to get total body conditioning in limited space. It utilizes suspension training and your body weight as the resistance (although you can add outside weights and props for more challenge and variety) and can work out your entire body. I honestly swear by this training and have fallen even more in love with it after taking this course. I will be using this method in my training. It builds true functional strength while improving your flexibility, balance, and requires your core to work hard the entire time. I totally support the principles behind TRX and love the fact that it can be used on a 20 year old the same way I could use it, the same way my grandpa could use it. It caters to the person that is just beginning to be active all the way to the professional athlete and everyone in between. And unlike most gym equipment, the TRX trainer works multiple planes of motion to get the most benefits, where most machines use one plane which only allows for a certain amount of benefit and is not functional to real-life movement. Are you curious about it yet??

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