Saturday, January 19, 2013

8 weeks Todayyy!!

I have a feeling these next eight weeks will fly!!! I am feeling pretty good today. I had a great plyo leg day. I was a little skeptical going into this workout because I thought I wouldn't feel it, but it had me sweating and was totally challenging! I also had a breakthrough in my posing. I felt more confident at moments of it today then I ever have. Hoping it just keeps getting better! I also posed in Kirkwood 24hr for the first time and their room shape and mirror location really made a difference. I like how I can see my back from my front pose. It helps to see what needs to be tweaked at this point. All my meals are prepped and alarms set for when I eat so I'm feeling good about that. Didn't sleep too well last night because I kept thinking about small competition details, stage, posing, etc. Seems to be a common theme lately. Actually this show dominates my conversations. I wonder if thats how all competitors are? It truly is a lifestyle change. Well here's to 8 more weeks of hard work. Closer to the finish line than the starting line!

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