Monday, January 14, 2013

Almost Two Months Out

Well when you put it in terms of months it seems far but when I say eight weeks I get freaked!!! I think I will start saying TWO MONTHS... At this point I'm experiencing a lot of highs and lows... Cardio is high, energy is low. Anxiety is high, food portions is low. Number of meals I consume daily is high, sleep is low. You get the gist. Along with this I have frequent headaches because of the lack of carbs, sugar, dairy. No more cafe mochas for me. I am one week in on actual competition diet and four days in on no dairy. Man has my life changed. This experience is making me grow on so many levels. I have told so many people this is more than physical and it truly is. In fact more times than not the physical part is the easiest for me to push through. I am struggling with the lack of patience, lack of energy, high irritability, and just getting my head in the game and my confidence up. I just started posing, shoes are awesome, suit is mostly finalized. Now I just need to order my suit, register for the show, and ride these next two months out. I am trying to not obsess over my body and just TRUST that it will transform. My good friend who also competes advised me to only really worry if their are no changes 4 weeks out or one month from now. But with my recent tweaks in diet and training I feel they will. My real focus is solidifying my internal dialogue to KNOW I can do this. I have come too far and worked to hard to NOT do this...

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