Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day One Of SOLO Posing

Soooo today along with my regular workout, I started my new diet which is ok so far. Am I hungry?? YES!!! Do I have cravings?? Yes but they are general cravings, I can't name anything specifically I want. I don't really have headaches but since things have kicked up to another notch I will say that I have felt like I was gonna throw up a few times. Hopefully that will subside. My new workouts start tomorrow but posing started today. I took a few notes on posing tips from meeting with my coach because we wont pose together for a few weeks. I also purchased my heels today because your body looks much different in heels than tennis shoes. So after my lifting and cardio I stripped down, threw on my heels and started posing in the group exercise room. At first I was hesitant because it was 5pm, prime crown time and my body is still at least ten weeks out, but then I figured I have to get used to being in front of people so I proceeded. My coach wanted me to aim for 30sec per pose...yeahhhhh right! That is hard work and it hurts!!! Totally uncomfortable! I posed for about twenty minutes, took a few pics and left. My new goal is to start at ten sec per pose and slowly build up weekly. Trust me when i say posing is a workout in itself!

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