Friday, January 18, 2013

Ready to ROCK These Last 8 Weeks

Haha literally and figuratively! I may have found a secret weapon to push me thru these last 8 weeks... ROCK MUSIC. Seriously. If you know me I am the furthest thing from a rocker but somehow it got me through cardio yesterday and lifting/cardio today. My hiphop is so repetitive and enjoyable I felt it was time to shake it up. Rock is where its at. It angers me to push through the final reps and go harder on the steps!! WINNER for now! Also I have decided I am gonna focus on NOT looking in the mirror or taking pics for two weeks!! That will put me at six weeks out. I feel I am becoming too obsessed and often discouraged by the fact that I am not seeing MAJOR changes day to day. Finally today I said goodbye to splenda! Now it is strictly black coffee and stevia:)

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