Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Day...Day TWO To Be Exact

And so it continues... Today I trained legs and shoulders which are my main focus areas and crucial areas for critique for figure shows... Don't get me wrong my midsection needs help, I have definitely been slacking lately . However that is ALL diet. I don't care what anyone says, I have done all kinds of ab exercises, ridiculous amounts of crunches, but my best results are seen with a clean diet. This is my area of weakness and seriously needs improvement ASAP! Along with traininh legs and shoulders I also did 10 minutes of stairs at a 1:1 ratio. I will admit that I am slightly panicking because I meet with my coach in 6 days and I need to be in a position where she sees improvement With that being said I am bumping up all my exercises to heavier, going hard ob cardio, and cleaning up my diet, no cheating, and praying for a miracle. I personally do not feel very good about my body right now. My workouts have been on point but my eating is a wreck. I had my last cheat last night. I am done feeling not fit. I know I looked better approx three weeks ago before I started going food crazy. I have about 14 weeks until my first possible show, I hope that I will be stage ready by then. I am very curious to see which direction my coach wants to head after our meeting as far as diet/cardio/training are concerned. I will also start posing soon which I am super excited about!! Stay tuned:)

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