Thursday, January 17, 2013

So Consumed

So it seems lately I have totally submerged my life into all things FIGURE COMPETITION. I spend my nights going google and youtube crazy, looking at images, reading articles, watching videos, all with varied opinions and avenues that they have mapped this journey out. And then suddenly the doubt creeps in. I start questioning myself, my coach, were there things I should have done differently, is it too late, am I on track?? This shit is crazy and I still have two more months!!! I jave literally been training since Oct and have yet to see anyone prep that far out and i felt I was starting with a pretty fit foundation so wtf??!! It frustrates me because these eating habits are hard to maintain consistently and precisely for this long, and so far I have and that worries ke because it is only gonna get worse in the weeks ahead and I dont want to crack! I have so many concerns even with my coach and our communication. I truly need it to be more regular in the weeks to come. I am always hungry and I hate meal three and meal 5 the most. Wellll actually just meal three. I am still loving the occasional peanut butter. It tastes like heaven. I just ate my 6th meal for the day (7th if you count one of my protein shakes) and I am laying in bed starving.

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