Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day One....Competition Prep

As promised here is my take on show prep from DAY ONE. Mind you I have been training for exactly 80 days prior to today, but that was considered "off season" training/diet. Now it is game time, and getting down to business time. No room for error. I am still using the same program/diet/cardio format till next week sometime but I kicked it up a notch today. And I feel accomplished and focused. Perfect way to begin 2013. I'm gonna have to get use to saying 2013. Anyway, today was total body, 14 exercises, 3 sets of each exercise heavy! I followed this hour of lifting with an hour on the stairs with a 2:1 ratio for intensity. That is the longest I have ever done stairs. And I shocked myself! This proves I can do an hour of cardio, which I have a feeling I will be doing daily in the near future. Time to lean out!!!! I did break halfway thru for water, which by the way I consumed about 70oz at the gym. It is all about hydration right now! Anyway that was day ONE and I feel it went well!!!

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