Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Season...More Challenges...Biggest Loser

And so begins another season...a new journey...lots of hard work and tons of tears. Of course I am talking about the Biggest Loser. This is by far my favorite reality show, even though I struggle to put in the that category amongst shows like the Bachelor and Honey Boo Boo. I mean this show inspires people, changes the way people think, and ultimately changes lives. It inspires me with my fitness and a a trainer. And now with this season bringing Jillian back I am even more excited! Jillian is the one public figure that made me realize I wanted to be a trainer. She is awesome, passionate, and one badass chick. Our personalities are very similar as well as our outlooks on fitness. I truly aspire to be very similar in my own career and use the same methods with my own clients. Her no nonsense, get down to business, zero excuses is exactly how I operate. I tell my clients and prospective clients all the time that I am like her, it might freak you out but she gets results. And that is what I am all about! This season is gonna be amazing and I am seriously loving the childhood obesity addition. It is a serious epidemic and although my focus in training is predominately women and their self-esteem, as well as improving women's body image and internal dialogue, I recently have thought about expanding my focus to children in the future. The cast is very diverse and after one episode it is difficult to pick a favorite because honestly I root for success across the board. However, after last night I will say my eye is on the young gay male for some reason. What are your thoughts??

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